Masa berganti Masa .

Time is running as fast as it can ?
As we thought , time is walking in normal speed in every second !
Not fast nor late ,
it's still the same .
But today I realized that times are ticking really fast .
Why ?
Because just now , I saw the date on screen of my mom's lappy.
It was written 20100917 .
Damn fast !
I thought yesterday was still January .
But whatever we think about time , 
we must chase the time .
Every seconds times will not waiting for us .
So , times is money , always the more important things in our life after religion .
Don't ever you waste your time again .
You must awake yourself !
Because nobody can awake us except ourself !
Don't you ever preoccupied with those stupid and rubbish things .
Don't ever be a slacker .
Thinks about your future .
Don't waste your time again and again .
For those who are taking The PMR ,
Three more weeks to take the exam .
those exams are  important which it is a key to open those happiness future .
Learn as much as you can .
Don't you ever think to give it up .
Keep it studying !
Always wish you the GOOD LUCK 
Trying is the best key of success . 
May Allah bless what you will and do .