When we mention the word love, most of us have someone in mind. Someone we love. Usually when being asked about someone you love, mostly it is the significant others. Answer to "Who is your first love?" Always be either person A, B or C. Rarely my mom, my Dad or myself. It is universally familiarized that love for family always comes first. Thus, we do not need to mention it. That is why when being asked about love, usually one ends up describing his / her significant other.

Love has always been the favorite theme for movie maker, song writer and drama producer. A story without love element consider meaningless. Love is not always means for a wall and girlfriend. It can be between mother and daughter, best friends, grandparents and grandsons, uncles and popularized, Cousins, teacher and students, doctors etc to the profession. Love is very subjective. A defines how love might be different from B. And C's love is not what is A and B think.

".... When we talk about love, compassion and love, most of us ask how that is said with love? What is love? and any express love? We also often express love to the mother, the father's love and affection in the family. What is the measure of love is? Where it is the love? And where love is? Is just saying "Mother, my dear mother" or a card is "Happy father's day, father. Love you! "Or perhaps a piece of chocolate cake for her on his birthday or a kidney was damaged sister both, or sets of brothers on the playstation for graduasinya days, or even the school progress report card marked outstanding students each year to mothers and beloved father? Itukah only way of expressing how much we love them, too in love to them and our great love for them? It seems like many are already aware of their male to female. Together we thought and heart. The man entrusted upon four women: his mother, wife, brothers and sister and daughter. While the woman was charged on four men: Her husband, father, brothers and sons and son. Some say this is a bonus for people called her. Bonus or not, we ponder together. For a woman who is healthy and normal function of fisiologinya, each of us will go through the process of ovulation. Simply said period. One sign of maturity of the ovary and the availability of personal responsibility. This is said to start from the moment we have to bear the sins of his own, no longer be borne by our Father. However, this is not the reason for crime because his father loved was free of responsibilities. As the child works and solehah, we should help the mother and father's foot to heaven not keep them away from it. We are still below their liabilities so we hitched soon. Would my father have a child to bear the shame of ignorant religious law, while my father loyal guests in his house? Our responsibility to the parents not only take care to eat them, but follow their advice as long as not inconsistent with Islamic and his will. Do not say''Ala .. lantakla, Lain2 grave! Org already large, the good-bad taulah''. Think about the effects of our actions impact on our parents. Imagine if they suffered for our sins. Fikir2lah before committing a sin! Love them as we love the scent of him unto the Garden. Man who is responsible to us may have forgotten to remind us the importance of closing the private parts, or prayer obligations must take care behavior. Their negligence, we do not make any reason to voluntarily fulfill their default order. If they are ignorant of religion ttg, jgn never be the reason that we are ignorant in the search for beauty in the way of substance. We have reason to think and nature to seek the light. Do not let darkness destroy our lives and those we love. We live not only meet the responsibility on yourself. We still have other responsibilities that need to be implemented. Responsibility to God, the human and other creatures should be fulfilled. There should be no term of life of a kara in the dictionary of a Muslim. We have a good-bad impact on us and around us org2. Fikir2kanlah before doing anything. Do not be too in your heart it makes us die krn. Ikutkan your desires, we become lethargic. Follow the road provided to us by complying with all commands and avoid rebellion. "Made good illustration. Poor, disempadanilah. Walking although his eyes straight ahead, see also the left and right. Toleh2lah in the back because there might have something valuable to us. Let us ponder how much love for my mother and father that we reveal through our clothes, through our speech, our behavior or our thinking ... What we collect a lot of reward for their supplies over the things that we create for their dependents the universe there?'' -_-

Let us be faithful lover who truly loves ~! amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! ^___^